Fineline Fishing

The life of Todd and Tiffany Sipe. Todd grew up in Hickory, NC while Tiffany grew up in the small town of Altha, FL. And now reside in Panama City, FL

We met in August 1999, marrying March 2000.  Have a wonderful 17 year old son, a 14 year old daughter, and a 6 year old granddaughter.

In the earlier years of our marriage we were like most Americans and had to live from paycheck to paycheck. However now, we are blessed to be able to help other families/Americans in their trials and tribulations. We have a 501(c)3, Fellowship of Psalms 41; 1-4 where we do alot of community outreach to try to help the homeless and the less privileged, as well as do a lot with Anchorage Children's Home.

We are semi-retired and love to fish. We love to go out and search for the state record flathead, so far, we haven't been able to find him, however we aren't giving up. When not chasing flatheads and blues, we do a lot of saltwater fishing.

We are all about teaching the younger generation about boat safety and fishing. Our son fishes from time to time, however and daughter and granddaughter will get on the boat to hit the water anytime they have a chance.

We  participate in tournaments both local and all over the United states. Some of them being Winter  blues on Wheeler, Santee Cooper Monster Quest, and Mississippi River Monsters

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