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Captain Glenn Flowers


Capt. Glenn Flowers, is a licensed and insured USCG Captain who has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading Flathead experts. He runs Glenn Flowers Trophy Catfishing Guide Service with over a decade of professional catfishing experience. He runs one of the largest catfish organizations in the world, often reaching over 2 million anglers a week through his networks of websites and social media pages. He’s the owner of Flathead Catfish Hunters, ( Americans largest Flathead organization and is the founder and President of C.A.T.S. ( Cathunters Association Of The South) A catfish club that’s sweeping the south like a wild fire. He’s been called a social media guru, his fan pages are by far the largest reaching in the catfish empire. Touching the lives of anglers on a global scale, nothing escapes his reach; from Florida to China his social Media enterprise is worldwide. He’s been featured in countless magazines, TV shows, and radio programs. He runs his guide service in the northern panhandle of Florida for catfish specifically trophy flathead and large quantities of them. On some trips anglers have landed over 400 pounds of flatheads in a single night, earning him a reputation as one of the top flathead guides to fish with.

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