Natural Fish Attractant – Spray this fish bait over any lure to increase catch potential of small and largemouth bass, pike, crappie, catfish, and other freshwater fish.


  • Drive the Need to Feed – Fortified with proteins and amino acids that fish crave, our spray-on scent attractant drives fish wild with a need to feed and chase your lure.


  • All-Purpose Lure Spray – Bite Enhancer works with all the most popular soft and hard worms, jigs, spinners, dough, cheese, and blood baits; even ice fishing!


  • No Smell, No Stink – Great for fisherman who want to attract more fish but want to avoid the smell of smelly stink bit, Bite Enhancer is made for every day fishing trips.


  • Compact, Portable Bottle – Unlike messy natural baits that need to be sealed up and contained between uses, this spray bottle fits in your tackle box, boat, or fishing gear.


Product Description:

Maximize your fishing potential with Bite Enhancer, and intense no-stink bait that’s sure to get the fish biting like mad.


There’s nothing better than pulling a big fish out of the water on a warm summer’s day; especially when you’ve been working an area hard trying to find him. With Bradley’s Bite Enhancer we want to make those times happen more often by pushing those fish into their natural predatory mode with an intense no-stink bait attractant that covers your lures with irresistible scent.


Fortified with natural proteins and amino acids that fish crave, our lure spray drives their need to feed like never before. Crafted right here in the United States by a lifelong fisherman, our bait spray is stronger and more effective than anything else out there. Easy to use and safe for lures, baits, bubblegums, and all your other favorite attractants, you’ll wonder why you ever went fishing without Bite Enhancer before!


Product Details:

Bite Enhancer Spray

No-Stink Bait and Lure Attractant

Fortified with Proteins and Amino Acids

Compact, Portable Bottle

Compatible with Soft and Hard Lures and Baits

Quick, Easy Application

Intense, Long-Lasting Results

Made in the USA

Bradley’s Bite Enhancer


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