They are custom hand-painted, life-like floats with internal rattles designed to target trophy catfish, walleye, drum and stripers.
Use these when drifting, dragging or anchor fishing.

*ORIGINALS Demon Dragons have 5 Random colors in each order*


* Length - Demon Dragons 3 1/2"
Available Colors:
Red & White Flor. Green & White Hot Pink & White Yellow & White White with Red Gills
These are customed painted and personally inspected.
Any over-spray or two-tone colors is done on purpose to give variances of colors.
The exceptionally powerful senses of catfish enable them to thrive in a wide variety of rivers and lakes. A Catfish's sense of sight & smell are often over-looked by serious anglers. Most fish can detect sounds from 20 to 1,000 cycles per second. However, catfish can hear sounds up to 13,000 cycles per second. Catfish also have excellent sense of touch and see better than we think. Demon Dragons are a GAME-CHANGER and offers a unique presentation. More durable than a peg float, these custom painted rattle floats offer both sight and sound.

Demon Dragon Original Version( 4 Pack)

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