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Made in the USA with American Steel, these gorgeous new bases match your Smackdown Rod Holders. Here are a few of the features that make these so unique:

- 2" x 2" square steel plate, with 4 holes (3/8" wide) that accept stainless screws to attach to any aluminum boat rail or rod rack.  Screws are included (1" long, #14 thread).

- Stainless Steel nut heliarc-welded on to the metal plate (that nut is never coming off).

- When screwing in your Rod Holders, there is NO hole going through the bottom of the base, therefore the Rod Holder will not go through the base and damage your rails!

- Then dipped in Delicious Bright American Plastisol to match your Smackdown Rod Holders. All while not scratching your boat rails.  Fish good, Look GREAT!

Dip Track 180 Flat Rod Holder Bases

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