Introducing the Dirty South Dragging weights by Backwoods Catfishing. This product was born on Wheeler lake with the goal to reduce snags. The special design allows the front leading point of the weight to suspend while it drags over logs, rocks, and much more! The only contact point of the weight is the bottom tip, this will result in far less snags saving you precious terminal tackle and time not having to chase down hung poles while dragging baits. Measuring only 8-14” long (depending on how much weight you want) and 3/8 diameter, makes it is easy to store. The outside is coated with a slick Polyolefin to further add to the snag less design. With the included #7 duo-lock snap, you can quickly add or remove this weight from your barrel or 3 way swivel. Dirty South dragging weights use a special foam that does not hold water and if the weight becomes damaged over time from structure or everyday fishing, it will continue to do whats its designed to do. With air not being a part of the design youll never have to worry about damaged weights leaking and filling with water. Traditional dragging weights drag its entirety along the bottom. With that design its easier to become snagged in the cracks of rock and log piles. The less surface area in contact with the bottom the less likely youll find a snag!

Dirty South Dragging Weights


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