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The catfish bait with its own built-in chum trail. Team Catfish Fiber Nuggets are made with proven catfish-attracting ingredients and fortified with hairlike fibers that cling to your hook while the bait slowly dissolves, releasing tasty nutrients to be carried by the current. That sets up a massive chum trail that leads right to your hook. Team Catfish Fiber Nuggets are easy to handle, and can be stored in a tackle box; once they hit the water, though, they become extremely sticky. Perfect for use with almost any good cat hook, such as a J-hook, circle hook, or treble.
Advanced, slowly dissolving bait creates its own chum trail
Made with proven catfish attracting ingredients
Easy to handle and store
Can be used with J hooks, circle hooks and treble hooks

Fiber Nuggets (8 Ounce Bag)

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