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FITEC ULTRA SPREADER MULLET NET™ – The GS-1000 Ultra Spreader™ Mullet Net has a 1″ mesh size for targeting mullet, bunker, and other large bait.  This net has superior strength with a six-panel design and 1 lb. Real Lead Weight per Radius Foot.

 EXCLUSIVE SPS™ CLEAR MONOFILAMENT RESIN NETTING provides superior strength and is softer for better performance.
 Sinks faster and provides a tighter bottom seal with ACTUAL ONE POUND OF LEAD WEIGHT PER RADIUS FOOT.
 SUPERIOR SIX-PANEL DESIGN delivers a stronger net with a more secure closure on retrieval.
Heavy-duty, 90-pound-tested braille lines.
 High-floating 26-foot-long braided polyethylene hand line for deep water and stronger water currents.
KOMFORT KUFF™ designed to help reduce chafing on your throwing wrist.

GS-1000 Ultra Spreader Mullet Net

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