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Top Notch Performance and Ultra Durability is what Spread Em Planer Boards is all about. This set of Large 10"planer boards is ready to pull massive loads across all spectrums of water for multiple species. They fly out quickly, even with heavy loads (floats 22 ounces), at low speeds, and top out around 2.1 mph. If you are dragging the bottom for catfish or pulling large live bait (14" trout/18" Skipjack) for trophy striper, look no further. Each 10" board is weighing in at a total of 7.2 oz (ultra-light construction). Built out of CNC cut aluminum arms and plates, married up with an ultra-durable foam top that does not soak up water. Available with locking or releasing front clips, and a quick releasing rear clip. Mast/Arms are adjustable left & right, so you can pick your side, with all stainless-steel locking hardware.

Spread Em Planer Boards Gen 3

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