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12887 – SS 100L 8′ x 3/8″ Mesh, Clear Mono – The SS-100L Super Spreader™ Lead Series Cast Net is one of the fastest growing cast nets sold in America! A true pound of REAL LEAD weight per radius foot, and a bullseye net design, help to propel this cast net during its throw and have it sink at a fast rate.


 SPS™ MONOFILAMENT RESIN NETTING  creates a softer net for better performance.
AN ACTUAL ONE POUND OF WEIGHT PER RADIUS FOOT allows the net to sink faster and provide a tighter bottom seal to trap bait.
Heavy-duty 90-pound-tested braille lines create a stronger net with a secure closure on retrieval.
 High-floating 30-foot-long braided polyethylene hand line.

 KOMFORT KUFF™ designed to help reduce chafing on your throwing wrist
 BELT CLIP THROWING AID in nets under 7 feet.
 HOW TO THROW A CAST NET INSTRUCTIONS with STEP-BY-STEP pictures that will walk you through and have you casting in no time.

SS-1000-L Super Spreader

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