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The Team Catfish® 30-Piece Cat Kit is real catfish gear! The Cat Kit contains a variety of hooks for various types of fishing: Double Action circle hooks, Jackhammer J hooks and Titan treble hooks. Also included are Furry Thangs, the ultimate in dip bait adhesion plus Sinker Bumper compressed knot protectors, and Sinker Slides to make changing or removing sinkers super easy!

  • A variety of hooks for various types of fishing
  • Double Action, Jackhammer J, Titan and Furry Thang hooks
  • Includes Sinker Bumpers and Sinker Slides

Kit contains:

  • 7 Circle hooks
  • 4 Treble hooks
  • 8 J hooks
  • 3 Sinker Slides
  • 6 Sinker Bumpers
  • 2 Furry Thangs

The Team Catfish 30-Piece Cat Kit

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