Stacey Gaston

I have been CatFishing here in central and south Alabama my entire life. About 10 years ago I started targeting big catfish on the Alabama River. Catching one over 50lbs is a very rare feat in this area and somehow I manage to catch a couple 50lb every year with my biggest bumping 60lb. I fish for both Blues and Flathead with my personal best being 54. My wife has fished with me since we’ve been married but the last 5 years she has become my regular fishing partner. My passion and desire is to be able teach, new and old fishermen who have never caught big fish, how to. I do not run a guide service but we do carry people out fishing who would not have had this opportunity such as young teenagers. I’ve had the honor of a couple of teenage guy putting 40+lb in the boat. I also work with a group that I carry out wounded and disable veterans.
(This is not what I do, this is who I am. )

The last couple of year we have ventured out to learn how to fish different type waters  (rivers / lakes ) and using different techniques drifting suspending , dragging , and teaching these techniques to fishermen who have never fished like this.
My passion and desire is to influence and inspire people to be be the best they can be in life and as a fishermen.


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