Crystal & Eric Carlson


Eric Carlson was born from generations of fisherman who have always loved too fish.
Eric is a Painter by trade and grew up in the roofing industry.
Love to chase big fish especially catfish from a young age he was operating a boat him self since 12. 
Fishing since he could walk grandpa got him his 1st tackle box an pole when he graduated pre school. Came from a rough neighborhood and fishing kept him out of trouble.
The years on the water and pics speak for themselves.
From chasing walleye Pike Muskie n crappie Gil's n perch stripper etc.
He is a multi species angler time tested to catch lots of fish !
Pro-staff with Team Catfish and Dale's Tackle.
This will be the second season running RiverRatsGuideService .

You can reach Eric on FB or threw email


Crystal Mannella 35 years Young and a Animal Lover. 
She has over 10 years of actual full time fishing experience been fishing her whole life though.
Has multiple giant fish under her belt w more to come. 
Love fishing more than most men do !
Great social media presence always wanted to be a model.
Pro-staff with Team Catfish and Dale's Tackle.
Can reach her on FB or Instagram @ catfishinqueen

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